The Tree Care Primer

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How do you know whether or not your trees are doing well? Trees experience a variety of challenges throughout their long lives, including competition from other trees; damage from storms, droughts, and pests; and stress from living in man-made environments.

In this indispensable guide you'll learn to assess your trees' health and understand what they need as you pick up the basic concepts and essential techniques of common-sense tree care. Whether you are preparing to plant a tree, maintaining a few mature beauties, or deciding on the best course of action to support a long-neglected specimen, you'll find the information you need to promote your trees' long-term well-being in this compact book.

What's Inside

  • Guide to selecting the right tree for the planting site
  • Tips for picking out the best trees at the nursery
  • Step-by-step instructions for proper planting
  • Essential tree-pruning techniques, with illustrations
  • Chapters on age-appropriate care for young, mature, ancient, and dying trees
  • Site assessment checklist, tree selection chart, glossary, directory of nursery sources, and more