Easy Compost

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Everything you need to know to turn your garden and kitchen scraps into “black gold.”

Farmers and horticulturists have long understood the benefits of compost to their soil and plants. Compost provides important nutrients; offers habitat for beneficial fungi, earthworms, and other creatures; and helps improve soil structure. This sustainable practice can be done in urban community and school gardens, pocket backyards and courtyards, and even indoors. This newly revised edition of Easy Compost, completely updated with a focus on urban composting, remains an essential guide to the science and art of making compost.

What's Inside

  • The basics on what, where, and how to compost
  • Detailed instructions on techniques like hot composting, worm composting, and compost tea
  • Step-by-step plans for building your own wooden bin or bench composter
  • Special advice for composting in school classrooms and urban settings
  • Tips for keeping your compost area clean, pleasant smelling, and pest-free