Crazy About Cacti and Succulents

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What is it about cacti and other succulents that compels their admirers to go well beyond the lonely windowsill specimen or rock-garden sedum? In this delightful guide you'll learn about stapeliads, ceropegias, and other jewels of the botanical world from people whose passion for these fascinating plants has led them to the art of bonsai, to competitive exhibition, and to growing them outdoors in frigid climates and on roofs. You'll also discover myriad ways to make cacti and succulents happy in your home and garden while helping to save them in their wild habitats.

What's Inside

  • Scores of spectacular cacti and succulents to know and grow
  • Hardy plants for cold climates
  • Medicinal varieties to grow at home
  • How to grow cacti and succulents indoors and under lights
  • The secrets of successful propagation
  • Creating beautiful succulent bonsai
  • And more

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