Community Gardening

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A closer look at garden programs that bring neighbors together and supply healthy food

Today, new concerns about food safety and sustainable practices, greater isolation from neighbors, and the loss of gardening space have made the age-old practice of community gardening more relevant than ever. Whether you are already a member of a community garden, want to get involved in one, or are just curious, this guide offers valuable lessons about cultivation and cooperation-as well as dynamic gardens and great food!

What's Inside

  • Hands-on tips for members of new or mature gardens and anyone else interested in building community through horticulture
  • Case studies profiling large and small programs from communities throughout North America
  • Not just for gardeners: Lots of useful models for parks departments, nonprofit organizations, and community associations
  • Strategies for success, including practical tips for soil health, water conservation, reclaiming resources, plant selection, and more!