Chile Peppers: Hot Tips and Tasty Picks for Gardeners and Gourmets

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The chile pepper is moving out of the shadow of its sidekick, the tomato, to become a staple crop in the American kitchen garden. Sweet bell peppers in every color of the rainbow, mild jalapeños, novel ornamental types, and fiery exotic chiles from around the world are inspiring new interest among gardeners. This indispensable guide tells you everything you need to know to grow and enjoy these tongue-tingling pods, whether you live in Philadelphia or Phoenix, whether you garden in containers or on a quarter acre.

What's Inside:

  • A comprehensive encyclopedia of more than 50 varieties of chile peppers, from mild and flavorful to fiery hot
  • Detailed information on growing chile peppers in every region
  • Tips on harvesting, preserving, and cooking with chile peppers, including tasty recipes
  • Natural pest and disease remedies
  • An extensive list of suppliers of the hardest-to-find heirlooms and the most disease-resistant varieties, and more

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