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Ginger Syrup

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Our original ginger syrup is piquant yet sweet, like liquefied, freshly grated ginger.


8 fl. oz  Amber Glass Bottle.
Handmade and bottled in Brookyn, New York.


cane sugar, ginger



Morris Kitchen was started by brother and sister, Tyler and Kari Morris in 2009.

Our syrups are produced and bottled in Brooklyn.The focus of the first syrup is based on a love of ginger and its properties. The second product is boiled apple cider syrup. Perfect for a fall cocktail or over ice cream. We work directly with an apple orchard in Upstate New York. We now have a preserved lemon syrup with hints of cardamom and pink peppercorn. The labels are letter pressed and hand stamped with a bottled on date. The goal of Morris Kitchen is to provide  quality products that are made with genuine care, by hand.

Kari came to New York to organize Art Fairs and events and since then has been involved in programs with City Harvest, Citizen Schools and most recently Exalt, teaching kids and adults about local produce and healthy eating habits. 

Tyler has been cooking in restaurants for thirteen years, and is well educated in seasonal ingredients and sustainable farming. From Sonoma Valley to Santa Fe, New York, and now Louisville, Tyler’s cumulative experiences have given him discerning tastes, strong intuition and well-refined skills. Tyler was previously a Sous Chef for Tom Colicchio's Craftbar and a Sous Chef at April Bloomfield's Breslin Bar & Dining Room. Tyler is now the Chef of Louisville's new RYE on Market.