A Native Plants Reader

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Personal stories about native plants in our gardens and natural ecosystems

Complementing Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s top “how-to” guides like Great Natives for Tough Places, A Native Plants Reader offers a set of engaging narratives on the importance of native plants. Expert contributors convey their passion for native plants, concerns about the loss of plant and animal diversity in our increasingly urbanized world, and hopes for the preservation of our native plant heritage.

What's Inside

  • Sixteen essays by such celebrated writers as William Cullina, Bernd Heinrich, Janet Marinelli, Doug Tallamy, and BBG’s own scientists
  • Personal accounts of field collecting, propagating native plants and foraging for wild edible natives
  • Details of current threats to plant communities posed by development, invasive species, and climate change
  • Stories about ecological restoration in city landscapes and gardens, and how re-establishing native plant communities can help rebuild native food webs
  • Tips on avoiding invasive garden plants and choosing native alternatives