100 Garden Tips and Timesavers

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Walter Chandoha, gardener and photographer extraordinaire, has been growing flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and ornamental grases for more than four decades. In these pages he tells you how he's made the most of his time in the garden over the years with a variety of ingenious shortcuts-and how you can do the same in your garden.

What's Inside: 100 fully illustrated tips to help you minimize maintenance, maximize enjoyment, save time and money, anc conserve water and other resources, organized by subject for quick and easy reference:

  • Gardening Techniques
  • Improving the Soil
  • Pest Controls
  • Propagation
  • Garden Design
  • Container Gardening
  • Gardening Indoors
  • Vegetables
  • Trash to Treasure

Read excerpts from 100 Garden Tips and Timesavers.