Hummingbird Gardens: Turning Your Yard Into Hummingbird Heaven

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Hummingbirds enliven your garden with their glittering colors and bold, inquisitive personalities as they dash from one tempting bloom to the next. This book shows you how to attract hummingbirds to your yard by planting the flowers they love. You can add vibrant color to your small piece of the planet and at the same time ensure a brighter future for North America's tiniest birds.

What's Inside:

  • How to entice hummingbirds to visit your garden and get them to linger there
  • A spectacularly illustrated encyclopedia of hummingbirds found in the United States and Canada
  • A gardener's guide to hummingbird behavior
  • An encyclopedia of ravishing hummingbird plants
  • Mail-order sources of native plants that hummingbirds love, and more
  • Tips for installing a hummingbird feeder

 Table of Contents from Hummingbird Gardens.

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