Healthy Soils for Sustainable Gardens

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Create a resource-wise garden! This hands-on guide helps you understand the unique characteristics of your garden's soil and shows you how to build its natural fertility with organic and sustainable methods. Written by soil and horticulture experts from across North America, Healthy Soils emphasizes the importance of nurturing a diverse ecosystem of beneficial soil organisms by using recycled and renewable organic amendments and mulches, planting nutrient-enhancing cover crops and ornamentals, and matching plants to your site conditions.

What's Inside

  • Essential soil science for gardeners
  • Simple techniques for assessing your soil
  • The basics of sustainable soil care: all about composts, organic conditioners, and mulches
  • Specific soil-care tips for trees, shrubs, roses, lawns, perennials, annuals, and vegetables
  • Strategies to restore damaged soils



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